Antioch Centre was founded in 2000 as an extension of Pass the Tourch Ministries.  Our foundation is built upon the Word of God, both written and spoken.  The below mandate, given as a call to establish Antioch Centre, is the roadmap for our journey.

 We are an inter-denominational work that believes there is one body of Christ which happens to meet in several locations. Our vision includes partnering with both local and international churches.  We are both missions and local community minded.



Our Mandate

"Restore the vision for My House. I have been gone awhile and upon My return someone has rearranged My House so that I no longer recognize it.   Now it is My House and I say, "Put it all back. I gave no one permission to change it. RESTORE!" says the Lord.

Raise up a company of ministers, and as I direct, release them into the ministry that I order them to as part of an apostolic team.


Require them to build upon the foundations and landmarks I have ordained. Anything else will fail and fall when I shake the system to reveal the error of the builder's presumption.

As I reveal apostolic pattern to you, establish a local church that will be able to strengthen other local churches. This church must be self-governed, yet accountable. Integrate missions both nationally and internationally. Make your goal the discipling of nations. To do this you must build a network of national Christian leaders and their churches."