What are we doing? Where are we going?  How do we get there?  

These questions are answered in our vision, mission and strategic direction statements.

Our Vision

To reform the house of God, empowering sons and daughters to be super natural laborers in the Kingdom of God.


Our Mission


Our mission is to disciple sons and daughters to be supernatural laborers in the kingdom of God through a maturing process of accountability, mentoring and practical experience.


Our Strategic Direction


   ** Establish a center to educate and equip ministers and leaders.

   ** Build the Church through Vision and Relationships.

   ** Establish local churches as God directs.

   ** Be self-governed, yet accountable.

   ** Raise up and release five-fold ministries.

   ** Mobilize the Church for local and global missions.

   ** Reproduce ministry with generational continuance.

   ** Develop Apostolic teams without regard for race, gender or age.

   ** Remain committed to revival, reformation and the restoration of New Testament Christianity.