The below list of values are a written expression of our Core Beliefs.  


Our Values

1.) Team Leadership- in covenant with God and each other - who motivate, develop and empower believers according to the New Testament pattern of government.

2.)  Character expressed in word and deed through humility, integrity, a spirit of excellence, and love and care for people in every area of life.

3.) Relationships that produce godly character and results in covenantal commitment to one another.

4.)  Kingdom Principles being integrated into every area of life as an expression of our call to be priests and kings.  

5.)  A Global Perspective of the Kingdom of God, recognizing that the purposes of God extend beyond borders to every tribe, nation and tongue.

6.)  Diversity of gifts and callings in every believer, recognizing there are differences of administration and demonstration.

7.)  Individual Spiritual Growth evidenced by maturity in areas such as prayer, worship, personal study and passion for God.

8.)  Reformation and Restoration as a relevant, valid and ongoing process where scriptural principals remain, but practices may change.

9.)  Apostolic and Prophetic foundational principles, which establish the Church through obedience to the revealed will of God.

10.)  Deliverance and Healing as a means to bring people to wholeness - body, soul and spirit.